The Daily Bagel Reno was born in June 2010 and switched ownership in 2015. Shanel Ritter, a 24-year-old entrepreneur, is the proud owner of this bagel shop nestled in the old fire-station off Morrill Ave. A determined, passionate, and driven young woman – Mrs. Ritter is the primary candidate for “Ultimate Food Critic”. She’s a firm believer that food should be made with fresh ingredients and with careful consideration. For over two years, she has worked hard to make The Daily Bagel a well-cared for, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere where people can come to find a moment of peace in the rush of everyday life. Not only has she gone above-and-beyond to make sure that her staff produces satisfying food – but Shanel herself is a master of culinary prowess. If you manage to catch Shanel in the moments between greeting our friends and supervising in the kitchen, ask her about her favorite local spots and how to add ingenuity to any dish. She has taken the stance that nothing should come from a microwave and is paving herself a road in a world of convenience and frozen food.